7 Things That Can Revive the Quality of your Hair Naturally!

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Having a good head of hair can surely boost your confidence. In your daily fight with pollution, stress, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, the hair quality and texture suffers tremendously leaving us with problems such as hair fall, brittleness and premature greying. In such situations, people look for natural and artificial hair solutions. Here are some tips to revive the quality of the hair naturally -

1. Regular Oil Massage -Massaging the head with oil is extremely relaxing. It improves the blood circulation in the scalp, promoting hair regrowth. Indulge in a hot oil massage twice a week to improve your hair quality.

2. Rinsing with tea -The black and green tea both are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and polyphenols. These add shine to your hair encourages hair regrowth. It contains antimicrobial properties which keeps the dandruff and scalp infections at bay. Rinse your hair with cold green or black tea for shinier hair.

3. Egg Mask -Eggs are high in protein and fat which acts as a nourishing food for the hair. The fat content hydrates the hair while the protein improves the texture. You have to whip the eggs based on the hair length and apply as a hair mask covering roots to the tips. Cover with a shower cap, leave it on for 30 minutes and wash with warm water.

4. Healthy Eating -Eating healthy and changing the lifestyle is important if one wants to maintain the health, length and vibrancy of the hair. Your hair is a part of the body, so treat it with the same love as you would your body by putting good things in.

5. Indian Gooseberry - From the time immemorial, amla is a great hair loss treatment. It can be used in all forms to improve the hair quality. Loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants, amla is recommended for hair regrowth and grey hair. Massaging the hair with pure amla juice significantly improves the texture of the hair.

6. Aloe Vera and Honey -Both aloe vera and honey have moisturising properties which are great for hydrating the hair from the root to the tips. Swamping the hair with moisture causes less breakage, gives the hair shine and a bouncy texture.

7. Fenugreek Seeds -The fenugreek seeds are highly recommended for the hair fall arresting quality. These can effectively aid in improving the texture of the hair if used consistently. Make a paste of the seeds with water and coconut oil. Applying this twice a week will show positive results.

The health of the hair is linked to the health of the body. Each hair strand requires a regular supply of nutrients just like the body. This means if you want to increase the strength, health and length of hair then it’s time to invest in proper hair restoration solutions. Sometimes, the home remedies may not be entirely successful.

At Advanced Hair Studio, we believe that healthy hair is about the products and hair treatment you choose. You will have to resort to proper hair treatments. Advanced Hair Studio understands this concern and helps you revive the shiny and lustrous hair with our superior treatments. They continuously strive to offer innovative hair restoration and hair retention procedures to provide clients with next generation hair loss solutions that are the best in the industry.

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